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Custom Manufactured Conveyor Systems


Advanced Equipment Company manufactures custom manufactured conveyor systems. Whether you need a complete turnkey conveyor system, or a single piece of conveying equipment, we can customize a solution tailored to your material handling needs for both new projects, existing systems, and warehouse conveyors.

Using OEM parts, Advanced Equipment Company manufactures quality, cost-effective industrial conveyor systems of all types, including belt driven, live roller, drag chain, and gravity conveyors.We examine your unique needs, from material handling goals to facility layout, to design and manufacture a conveying system that achieves the optimum solution to all your needs. We can build custom manufactured conveyor systems that seamlessly integrate with an existing system to increase productivity and optimize efficiency with little downtime. Or, Advanced Equipment Company can design an entirely new conveying system to meet your exact business-critical needs.

Custom OEM Conveyor Solutions


Advanced Equipment Company is a full-service team that manages each project with the customer’s needs in mind each step of the way. We will assess both your site and business needs before building a cost‑effective customized conveyor system that can meet any lead time. After our start-to-finish installation and integration is completed, we provide training services and maintenance planning for each custom manufactured conveyor system.

We offer the following services:

  • Site analysis and needs assessment
  • Systems design
  • Project management
  • Software and logic interface
  • Installation and integration with existing systems
  • Training
  • Maintenance plan

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